Under 5’s

PRO MOVERS (2-4 years)

Our Pro Movers sessions begin our coaching programme at PKFA for children aged 2 – 3 years. The session focuses on the development of fundamental movement – Balance, Co-ordination, Agility and Speed, through fast, fun and engaging sessions. As BCAS improve, we will then look to turn that movement into a skill, to assist them taking part in any sporting activity. It is our mission at PKFA for your child to have FUN at all of our sessions, and this is our key factor that will help your child to develop is a positive environment. Pro Movers is a parent interaction session, meaning a parent/guardian will have to assist the child throughout the session.

The sessions are proven to increase a child’s physical, behavioural and mental abilities. Pro Movers is a great way for your child to interact with other children, whilst also burning off steam at the weekends. Whilst with us, your child will be taught how to perform the basic fundamental movements and fundamental movement skills, such as dodging, sprinting and leaping. The skills are not only needed for sport but for everyday life activities.


PRO KICKERS (4-5 years)

Pro Kickers is our next phase and is a more advanced session to our Pro Movers session. The basis of this session is to continue the BCAS as in Pro Movers, but now introduce children to ball mastery, basic turns and skills. With our coaching programme, your child will become a football master in no time, and more importantly all with a huge smile on their face.

You can find a full schedule of our venues, times and dates by clicking the link below.