Terms & Conditions

Pro Kicks | PKFA will will not issue refunds for any sessions that your child has not attended, Pro Kicks sessions are paid for on a monthly basis. There is no extra charge for the 5 week months, so these are used as a free session for the customer in these months. Should we require to cancel a session, the free session will be used as a cover session. There are 5 free sessions given per year.

Should we surpass the number of free sessions given out with cancellations, a refund will then be given for the number of sessions missed over the threshold.

By signing up you are able to attend any Pro Kicks | PKFA venue, subject to the age bracket. If you wish to cancel your subscription at any point then please contact us at rich@prokickscoaching.co.uk or contact number 07885265815 to do so at a minimum of 2 weeks prior notice to your next payment. Any alternative method of stopping payment for example: Removing payment details from your account, will not cancel your subscription with us and will leave your account in arrears should any pending payment become unsuccessful.

A minimum of 2 month sign up is required before you can cancel your subscription.